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What we do

The complex and rapidly changing nature of today’s construction sites require agility, quality, and cost effectiveness. CMN’s advantage lies in utilizing smaller, independent project management units that are dedicated on providing real-time solutions for the challenges of day-to-day site operations. Our teams focus on clients’ objectives matching creative and efficient solutions to meet those needs.


Our O&M services include plant maintenance, facility management, operations support, asset performance improvement, operations readiness and construction.


CMN provides construction project management services using proven experience, technologies, systems and work processes to provide optimal results for clients.


CMN’s project management expertise comes to the forefront on every job. As the project manager, CMN integrates the activities of the engineering, procurement, and construction to meet client expectations.


With technologies continuously evolving, we work collaboratively with clients to develop customized solutions that emphasize total life cycle value while minimizing operating expense.


Who We Are

Harnessing our expertise to move your projects forward.

CMNLLC was founded in 2013, with a mission to provide comprehensive design/build, new construction, and renovation/repair solutions for large construction programs and projects. We primarily focus on civil and capital improvements, and vertical construction for federal agencies. Our team knows that failure is not an option. In today’s world, the ability to get the job done right is what builds the kind of reputation that brings in satisfied clients and new projects. Since inception, CMNLLC has successfully completed over 100 projects*.




Projects Delivered


Industry Awards



CMNLLC Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) is based on our continuous improvement philosophy and reflects decades of experience in the construction business.


CMNLLC is proud of the foundation of individual and corporate actions that drives every decision and commitment we make.


CMNLLC employs lean construction techniques, allowing us to maximize value, by minimizing waste and time.


CMNLLC’s dedication to safety goes beyond what is required by OSHA. All team members, including subcontractors, undergo safety training and conform to measurable safety goals and stringent monitoring.


Project Management
Once the construction phase begins, CMN assigns an experienced project management team to monitor and control every aspect of the project and adhere to schedule, budget, quality, and safety goals.
Cost control
Our philosophy is to provide maximum value for the available budget. CMN uses value and life cycle cost analyses to determine the most efficient building systems and most cost effective finishes. Our quality control philosophy demands that standards are established early and maintained by the entire design and construction team throughout the building process.
Quality control
Our philosophy is to provide best quality period. CMN utilizes its vast experience to insure that all projects are completed with the results.
Facility Construction
Construction of a building up to a multi-building Camp with all infrastructure.
HVAC and Plumbing
Installation and maintenance HVAC units. Repair and maintenance of facility plumbing.
Facility Infrastructure
Installing and maintaining conduit, fiber and cat6 from the point of presence to the end-users
Excavation (machine and hand dug)
Security Camera Installation
Installing, maintaining and configuring Security Camera Systems manufactured by a number of companies.
Intrusion Detection Systems
Installing, maintaining and configuring Intrusion Detection Systems manufactured by a number of companies.
Access Control Systems
Configuring and maintaining Access Control Systems manufactured by a number of companies.
Video managenet Systems
Configuring and maintaining Video Management Systems manufactured by a number of companies.
Physical Security
Personal Security

Our Team

Charles Nall

CEO of CMN LLC, Mitch is an experienced builder and problem-solver. CMNLLC is a domestic and international general contractor in business for over a decade and known for its commitment to quality and innovative approaches to complete industrial and building projects.

Shane Norman

Project Manager, providing day-to-day communication with the project team to ensure jobs remain on schedule and within budget. A team player, Shane holds an excellent track record of strong working relationships with owners, architects, and engineers, resulting in successful construction experiences

Donny Drummonds

Director of IT, an Army veteran with a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering who makes use of his 30 years of programming, project management and personnel development to further his and the company's goals.

Kyle Silvera

Project Manager, a motivated, personable business professional with more than 15 years’ experience as a project management. Well-versed in project management methodologies, process engineering, organizational change management, risk management, project planning, team building, communication, and technical implementations of organizational change.

Fabian Jones

CAD Draftsman/Designer, with a diverse range of clients with emphasizes on 3D Design for 20+ years. His experience includes 2D & 3D Design, Mechanical Drafting, Mapping layouts, Pipeline detailing, Architectural Drafting and ISP/OSP Architectural Planning.

Open Positions

General Laborer [GL01]

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